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EATREE Features

Why EATree

Ease of use
Easy to use and understand drag and drop graphical user interface. You simply connect trading blocks or boxes together to create a layout or a tree of boxes. EATree has a visual color system to guide you through this process.
No Programming
You do not need to have any programming background or even knowledge of the MQL trading language to use EATree. EATree converts the visual representation of forex trading strategies that you create in EATree to a ready to use MetaTrader expert advisor or forex signal.
Access to powerful trading tools such as money management, trading controls, trailing stops, time zones, hedging, martingale, and much more. Tools vary between EATree MT4 and MT5.
MQL Learning
If you have some programming background, you can quickly learn MQL trading languages. Every time you create a new box and connect it, you can instantly view the MetaTrader expert advisor code and learn from analyzing code changes.
Privacy of your trading secrets. No need to share your ideas with anybody. You can create your MetaTrader expert advisors or forex signals privately.
Development Speed
You decrease expert advisor or forex signal development time to minutes instead of days or months. You can create a library of layouts or trees of boxes while you are working to reduce development time drastically.

Complex EAs
You can develop complex MQL expert advisors and forex signals with multiple currencies and multiple timeframes.
You can reuse code by saving and loading layouts or trees of boxes. You can create a database of layouts or trees of boxes while you are working, this will speed up your next project development time.
Error Free
You create correct MetaTrader expert advisors and forex signals code every time, assuming that you follow software installation and update instructions.